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       My husband and I fell in love with the Havanese breed. We did a lot of research looking for the best pet for our family. We have been married for many years and have two wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren ranging from the age of 9 years to 18 years old. Due to the age range of our Grandchildren and having one with allergies we needed to find a non-shedding dog with a very good temperament. We found that the Havanese breed was that and much more. They are known for their love of everyone and do not cling to one person as most toy breeds do. They especially love children and even though a small breed they are far from fragile. 

       That’s when we brought Gus into our lives and quickly into our hearts. We brought Gus to our home at 16 weeks and he had just arrived from Hungary. He is just beautiful and such a great companion. We were so surprised how true to the breed he is. Over the years we found that so many people easily fell in love with him and would ask what kind of dog he is. We were surprised to learn that not many knew about the Havanese breed. We knew we just had to share this wonderful pet so it brought us into the breeding business. We run our business out of our home so we can be close to our Havanese. This way they get all the attention they need to insure a well socialized, loving perfect pet or a show quality companion. 

Brad & Mary
Raleigh, North Carolina

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