Our mission at Heartfelt Havanese is to provide the perfect pet addition to your family. We do so by offering the same wonderful blessings that we have experienced in our Havanese family. Please contact us at: heartfelthavanese@gmail.com
We sell our own show-quality AKC-registered Havanese puppies, and we also provide stud services for show-quality breeding dogs.

We have been accepted by the American Kennel club as a “Bred with H.E.A.R.T” Breeder. Breeders who are accepted have made a commitment to perform at least the minimum health tests required on a breed by its AKC parent breed club and have also made a commitment to participate in continuing breeder education programs on a regular basis. ​
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Our dogs are a part of our family and everyday life. They are constantly surrounded by children and love all the attention they get. 
Our puppies are gestated, delivered and nurtured in our home here in NC, within close proximity to an exceptional veterinarian. We believe the result of our focused attention and care is nothing short of a Havanese companion that you will cherish for the rest of its' life!

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Please explore our website, meet our Havanese family and contact us with any questions. Thank you for visiting us.

We are proud to announce our acceptance into the Good Dog Community of recognized responsible breeders. It is our mission to provide quality Havanese puppies and a community with our owners to promote health, socialization and breed education. 

We became breeders because we wanted to share this wonderful breed with others.
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We have been in the Bred with H.E.A.R.T program since 2018. it's a great program to keep responsible breeders educated in breeding puppies.
It seems someone is using part or all of our name. Beware: It is fraudulent. If you are asked to send a deposit of 600.00 and the puppies cost 1000.00 they are scamming money. The price of our puppies are 2700.00 to 3000.00.